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"Cable Harmony: 3/6pcs Cord Wrapper Organizer Clips for Kitchen Appliances"

"Cable Harmony: 3/6pcs Cord Wrapper Organizer Clips for Kitchen Appliances"

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Introducing our Cord Wrapper Organizer Clips – the perfect solution to tackle the cable chaos in your kitchen! This set of 3 or 6pcs cable organizers is designed to keep your kitchen appliance cords tidy, eliminating the frustration of tangled wires.

Crafted with practicality in mind, these cord clips are the ideal cable management solution for kitchen appliances like stand blenders and mixers. Say goodbye to messy countertops and fumbling with cords – these organizers provide a neat and efficient way to keep your kitchen space in order.

With easy-to-use wrap-around design, these cord holders securely fasten your appliance cords, preventing them from becoming a tangled mess. Keep your kitchen looking sleek and organized while maintaining easy access to your appliances.

Simplify your kitchen routine and say farewell to cable clutter with our Cord Wrapper Organizer Clips. Transform your kitchen into a tidy and efficient workspace, making every cooking experience more enjoyable.

Customer Reviews

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Coprhead Mom
Not as sturdy as I had hoped

I loved the thought of the cord organizer but it does not stick well; I even waited a day or two before I wrapped the cord around it. It stayed for only a short time & fell off. Of course, I did re-stick & wrapped the cord loosely.

Janet Perkins
Great for keeping cords out of the way while storing appliances

These are great! They stick on, and stay on well. Keeps the cords out of the way. Nice that they come in a variety of colors so you can match them to the appliance

dotti elmore
Work really well

They are good and solid. Stick really well. What a difference in convenience and neatness.

Christine Sievert

I like these. They keep my cords in order. I wish they had some larger styles. I have a bucket towel warmer and it has a pretty long cord. I suppose I could you two of these spaced apart & that would work, but haven’t tried it yet.

Easy to use. Still sticking after a month.

Easy to use. Still sticking after a month.

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