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"Claw-Smart Utensil Crab Rest: A Handy Kitchen Companion"

"Claw-Smart Utensil Crab Rest: A Handy Kitchen Companion"

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A utensil rest in the shape of a crab is a charming and practical kitchen accessory. Its design typically features a crab-shaped base with raised edges to hold cooking utensils, preventing messes on countertops while adding a playful touch to the kitchen decor.

Customer Reviews

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Jason McDurmon
Cute little critter

Cute fun and also functional for the kitchen. Not much more you can say. Great stocking stuffer.

Not for every utensil! But, it does the job.

This crabby keeps cooking utensils completely out of contact with countertops and other surfaces. The construction is durable and clearly the design is attractive. Certain utensils can fall out easily, specifically, those with a thin handle and a large opposing end - also, things that are particularly wide/broad may be too big for the claws. It does work well with most all of what I have, though, which includes: wooden, plastic, silicone and metal utensils.

My nitpicking summation is... it could use better balance, both when standing freely or wedged onto the side of a pot. Maybe using a spring clamp, with a more sturdily designed footing would perfect this neat

Rohnny Jocket
Cool design and solid function

Cute little crustacean with nice color. I like that this utensil holder keeps the utensil elevated rather than resting on a surface. It's cleaner. Minor complaint is that it isn't the most stable when freely standing on the counter. Still worth it.

Kitchen fun!

Works great! Holds spoons and spatulas balancing on the edge of the pot! Cute!

Chris C.

This is such a fun little tool. Works perfectly for what it's designed for, is well made from great material, and looks absolutely adorable in the kitchen.

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