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"Crystal Clear: Shower Squeegee for Sparkling Glass Surfaces"

"Crystal Clear: Shower Squeegee for Sparkling Glass Surfaces"

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"Introducing our Shower Squeegee – the ultimate cleaning companion for shower doors, bathrooms, windows, and car glass. This versatile cleaning accessory is designed to effortlessly wipe away water droplets, soap scum, and streaks, leaving surfaces crystal clear and gleaming. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring ease of use for all your cleaning needs. The durable construction and high-quality materials make it effective for both household and automotive glass surfaces. Elevate your cleaning routine with this must-have tool, bringing a streak-free shine to your shower doors and various glass surfaces. Discover the simplicity of a pristine, sparkling finish with our Shower Squeegee – the perfect cleaning essential for every home and car."

Customer Reviews

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Buddy Hornbeck
works awesome

Sticks good and looks very nice in shower

Chelsea Scott
Sleek & Clean

Love how sleek this looks in my shower. It works great and keeping my glass shower sparkling!

Doug a
Very nice and wide

I have a large, walk in, glass shower. Have always loved OXO products but their glass squeegee is like 6” so took so many passes. This one works great and takes 3!

Works pretty good as a squeegee, the handle could also be a weapon in a pinch

The rubber is good quality, which should last a decent amount of time. It removes the water without leaving any behind.

The handle is sturdy and should last a long time as well.

My main issue with it is the handle. First off, if it drops handle-first, it's possible it could break a toe, or damage your flooring. The handle comes to a blunt point, and the metal is beefy, so it's got some momentum in free fall and that point could do some real damage.

If you find yourself in need of a weapon, this thing could do the job. Not sure this is the best tool for a shower.

Great squeegee

Very nice product. Has a hefty, solid frame and a squeegee that is consistent in cleaning up. Have been using it daily to wipe the tile in the shower and glass door for 5 months now and it works flawlessly. Great product! Keep up the quality.

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