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"Stainless Steel Food Diet Scale: Accurate Weighing for Healthy Eating"

"Stainless Steel Food Diet Scale: Accurate Weighing for Healthy Eating"

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The stainless steel kitchen scale is a reliable and essential tool for precise food weighing, perfect for maintaining a balanced diet. Its durable stainless steel design ensures longevity and easy cleaning. With accurate measurement capabilities, this scale helps in portion control and recipe accuracy, making it ideal for those focusing on dietary goals or precise cooking requirements. The sleek and modern stainless steel finish adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen while offering practicality in monitoring food intake.

Customer Reviews

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Shelley H.
Accurate and versatile

I love this kitchen scale. It small enough for my small kitchen. It’s accurate and easy to use. And nice to look at. I have two now for two different spots. You won’t be disappointed in this scale.

I also have an adult scale by the same company. No complaints there either.

João Paulo Martins Caldas
Bom produto

Boa qualidade do produto

Cameron Adams
Great scale for measuring various items

I didn't purchase this scale for cooking, but for weighing out my camping gear. As far as I can tell, the accuracy is good and suites my needs. Super easy to use and has an auto-off function. The tare function is also extremely useful as I am able to weigh larger/bulkier items but putting a box on the scale, taring the scale, then adding my item into the box.
The screen is sometimes hard to read if you're at the wrong angle (mostly when you're standing directly above it) but isn't a big deal to me

Ernesto Alba

La mejor bascula que puedes adquirir te ayuda mucho en el conteo de Calorías, no es exacto pero te da una idea clara, vale totalmente la pena, fácil de usar.

Sydney Kerbyson
My husband freakin' loves this thing

The digital kitchen scale I recently purchased has truly revolutionized my cooking experience. I have (and so has the rest of the world it seems) picked up the hobby of baking sourdough bread and using my own sourdough started. That point alone—THIS IS MY FAVORITE SCALE. I don’t need anything super special, but I did want something easy to use. That met all of my requirements.
Its sleek design and compact size make it easy to use in my kitchen and to store it away beside my kitchen books (wow I sound old...). The easy-to-read display and user-friendly buttons make it a breeze to use, even for someone who isn't the most tech-savvy.
One of the standout features of this digital kitchen scale is its ability to switch between different units of measurement, allowing me to easily follow recipes from around the world without any confusion. Additionally, the tare function has been a game-changer when I need to measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl without any hassle. My ONLY complaint is when you are measuring large quantities at first and try to tare the scale to then add smaller ingredients (ex. 10 grams of salt while making bread). It seemed to have a tough time recognizing that I was adding anything. My recommendation is to weigh smaller, lighter quantities separately and then adding them in as opposed to all together.
Overall, I highly recommend this digital kitchen scale to anyone looking to elevate their cooking and baking game with accuracy and efficiency.

(Also, my husband loves it because it looks techy and fancy)

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