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"Versatile Elegance: 400/550ml Glass Cup with Straw Lid for Stylish Sipping"

"Versatile Elegance: 400/550ml Glass Cup with Straw Lid for Stylish Sipping"

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Elevate your sipping experience with our versatile Glass Cup with Straw Lid. This 400/550ml drinkware is not just a cup; it's a stylish and functional companion for a variety of beverages, from refreshing juices to frothy beer or the perfect bubble tea.

Crafted from transparent glass, this cup adds a touch of sophistication, allowing you to appreciate the colors and layers of your favorite drinks. The inclusion of a straw lid enhances the practicality, providing a spill-resistant solution for on-the-go sipping or leisurely enjoyment at home.

Ideal for a variety of beverages, from morning coffees to evening cocktails, this glass cup offers a unique blend of style and functionality. The 400/550ml capacity ensures you have enough room for your preferred drink, whether it's a revitalizing juice or a comforting mocha.

Upgrade your drinkware collection with our Glass Cup with Straw Lid. Embrace the versatility, clarity, and contemporary design that make it perfect for any occasion, from casual breakfasts to relaxed evenings with your favorite beverages.

Customer Reviews

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Great buy

The lids fit great, they are perfect to fit in their cup holder and that the packaging was very well packaged to prevent breakage. The straws are very easy to clean.

In love with these

These are perfect for iced coffee! They don’t leak and are very easy to clean. I love the glass straws and use them in other cups as well.

Haley Guntharp
glass is high quality

i was cautious that because of the price it would be a thin glass and not such a good quality, but upon receiving them it was quickly noted that they are a really good quality glass cups. they’re easy to clean and the straws feel great to drink from. some of my favorite cups now!

Raylene Davis
Great quality!

I just adore this set of glasses. They are NOT paper thin, not too thick either. Great size and glass straws are nice too. These came packaged extremely well too.

Dani W
Pretty and Practical

These are easy clean, Each glass lessons owned individual land with the individual straw that is also glass, This is great for adult entertainment and very pretty once decorated as well. With not give this to children, especially with the straw of the straw is made of glass and breaks if it drops on a hard surface.

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